Breslau - 84 Hoefchenstrasse, Pinchas Synagogue

Summary: The Pinchas Synagogue, like many prayer rooms in Breslau, was privately financed and established. Founded in 1889, this Orthodox synagogue was located in an apartment building at 84 Hoefchenstrasse (later owned by B. Bettenworth, a merchant from Sibyllenort). The prayer room was named Pinchas Synagogue in honor of Pinchas Neustadt (1823- 1902), a teacher and rabbi who was head of a private Hebrew school and a Knight of the Order of the Royal Crown (an honor bestowed upon him by the King of Prussia in 1901). After the Nazis’ election victories, the Pinchas Synagogue remained in use. On Pogrom Night (November 1938), the room was vandalized and damaged, as were most of the synagogues and prayer halls in Breslau. As a result of the damage, the congregation discontinued services.
Author / Sources: Heidemarie Wawrzyn
Located in: silesia