General information: First Jewish presence: 1724; peak Jewish population: 193 in 1880; Jewish population in 1933: 45
Summary: Details about the Jewish community of Landeck (present-day Ledyczek, Poland) are scarce. Jews first settled there in 1724, but only in 1869 did the Jewish community consecrate a cemetery and build a synagogue. We also know that, in the early 1920s, a new synagogue—it also served the nearby towns of Koelpin and Peterswalder—was built on Chausestrasse. During the early 1900s, however, Jews began to leave Landeck, a trend that accelerated after the Nazis’ election victories. Accordingly, only 45 Jews still lived in Landeck by 1933. On Pogrom Night (November 1938), the synagogue was ransacked and destroyed. Jewish-owned businesses were vandalized, and several were demolished. In 1940, Landeck’s remaining Jews were deported to concentration camps. As of this writing, the town has not erected a memorial.
Author / Sources: Moshe Finkel
Sources: EJL
Located in: posen-west-prussia