General information: First Jewish presence: mid-14th century; peak Jewish population: 66 in 1858 (14% of total population); Jewish population in 1933: unknown (29 in 1932)
Summary: The Jewish community of this small township, founded by cattle dealers, horse dealers and butchers, established its communal institutions during the early 19th century. These included a cemetery (1870), a Jewish school, a synagogue and a mikveh. The sites for these institutions were acquired in the 18th century, and rebuilt in the rustic style of the period during the ensuing decades. On Pogrom Night, Argenschwang’s synagogue and remaining Jewish-owned business and homes were broken into and damaged heavily. Those Jews who could not escape were deported during the war years. The synagogue’s exterior, today a protected site, was saved from destruction, possibly through the intervention of a Gentile villager. A memorial plaque has been affixed to the building, now a warehouse.
Author / Sources: Harold Slutzkin; Sources: LJG, SG-RPS