General information: First Jewish presence: 15th century; peak Jewish population: 64 in 1816; Jewish population in 1933: 21
Summary: Although Adelsberg was home to a medieval Jewish community, it was not until the early 17th century that the foundations of its modern Jewish community were established. During the first half of the 18th century, Jews lived on the grounds of a freeman’s castle, where they established a prayer hall and a synagogue, the latter of which was opened in 1775. Jews left the castle grounds in 1848, after which (in 1850 or between 1860 and 1862) they built another synagogue. The community maintained a mikveh and employed a schoolteacher who also served as chazzan and shochet. The dead were buried in Laudenbach. In 1933, three children studied religion in Adelsberg. By 1937, the community could no longer gather a minyan. Accordingly, Jewish men prayed with Jews from Hessdorf, alternating between synagogues. The annexation of Austria by the Third Reich in March 1938 sparked riots in Adelsberg, during which the windows in Jewish homes and in the synagogue were smashed. On Pogrom Night, SA men ravaged Jewish homes and destroyed the synagogue’s furniture. Luckily, most of the ritual items had been hidden in advance. Adelsberg’s remaining Jews left after the pogrom. Five emigrated and 10 relocated within Germany. At least 18 Adelsberg Jews perished in the Shoah. The synagogue’s remains were cleared in 1951/1952.
Author / Sources: Yaakov Borut Sources: AJ, PK-BAV
Located in: bavaria